School’s Out for Summer 2.0: Week 3

summer12 School’s out and things are heating up everywhere regarding the weather, etc. The conversation continues with expert teacher advice to keep your children engaged this summer! The guiding question is: What would you like parents to know and do with their children over the summer to reduce summer learning loss, actively engage their children, and foster healthy relationships? What are some things you do as a parent and a teacher that you think other parents should know and do?

Creative and enthusiastic teacher Ms. Melanie Chapman shares her tips! Here’s what she said: Read a lot! A lot of students don’t understand the importance and power of reading and how it fosters into multiple areas of learning. Libraries have summer reading programs that challenge children and parents to get involved in reading together. Math games and board games are always a fun way to maintain math learning. Younger kids will just think they are having fun with family all while building math skills and strategies. As a teacher, I always look for hands on and engaging activities for my students. Parents there are internet based fun and free options available. It’s helpful to know what type of learner your child is to gear the activities towards what works best for them. Some children like to move, others like to listen it really just depends on learning styles. Math facts practice and disconnect with some non-electronics time.

Remember that you reproduce who you are not just what you say. The example you live before your children is pretty much what they become. Take some time to examine your life and the things you say. Is your life aligned with your words? Do you like what you see in your own life and that of your children? If you you answered no to either question, please know that it’s not too late to make the necessary changes. You can do this and know that you are not alone. It’s not about perfection, but rather being the best you that you can be through daily progress.

I’m finalizing the learning style assessment I developed. In the meantime, here’s some links that can help determine your child’s learning style: (you have to give them your e-mail)

Dr. Shameika Moment, Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership

I am an educator and leader with a variety of experiences in elementary, secondary, and higher education. Community college retention specialist, adjunct faculty, K-8 teacher, parent consultant, tutor, business owner, and author describe positions I hold and aspirations I’m pursuing. I have a passion for helping parents connect with, learn from, and support their children’s academic success and learning. This blog is one of many ventures to provide support for parents as they navigate the course of raising children as a daily responsibility.


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